Don’t Take It Personally

When it comes to our work, we’re often oversensitive about it; protective even. In social media, we’ve got to learn to let go of the personal nature of our work and separate ourselves. This is most certainly easier said than done. I’ve been working in this field for over three years at this point and there have been many articles I’ve issued to a client, only to have them returned with massive amounts of changes or just a flat-out refusal. It’s difficult, as the creator, to not take these things personally.

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The Hidden Dangers of Airbags

Certainly, there are things in the world that have been invented that are lifesaving devices, yet they pose a specific danger to the people who use them.

Everyone remembers the days when cars were not standardly built using airbags. It is inarguable that airbags have bettered the driving experience for everyone as they have reduced a number of serious injuries that happen during an automobile collision. However, there is a danger associated with these revolutionary devices, and drivers must be made aware in order to know what to expect in the event of the airbag’s deployment.

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The 718 Name in Two Cars

Porsche had already told us they were changing the Boxster to be a 718 model. For those in the know this brought immediate thoughts of concern because of the smaller engine that the 718s of old used. For the rest of us it took a little research to figure out what Porsche was up to. This change for the Boxster takes away the naturally aspirated flat six-cylinder engine that had been in the car for twenty years and brought forth a different power plant for us to enjoy, a 2.0-liter turbocharged flat four-cylinder engine. This, of course, signifies a move toward more turbos than ever for Porsche.

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What to Do If You’re Pulled Over

It’s horrifying, and most of us have been there. One second you’re traveling along, possibly at a higher rate of speed than the state deems necessary, and the next second you’re treated to a terrifying light show in your rear view mirror. Everyone has their own tactic when they see a police officer pull up behind them. Some people launch right into a full-on panic attack, while others choose to remain calm and see how everything plays out. What you may not know though, it that your reaction, and how you handle yourself, may very well determine the outcome of your situation.

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We Could Have Used this a Long Time Ago

Every year companies come up with great ways to help improve our lives and within the past several years this has been through the use of electronics.  There are new items that hit the market to give us an easier way to connect with each other from a great distance, find what we want to make use of and perform some of the various tasks that we are faced with in life.  Since most adults at some time in their lives have children the need to be able to properly care for those children is paramount in our lives.

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An Upgrade on Perfection

Every brand has its model that epitomizes the brand and stands out against all others.  For BMW this is the 3 Series and for Honda, we have the Accord.  At Mercedes-Benz the signature model is the E-Class which is one of the greatest mid-sized luxury sedans we have ever seen on the market, which might make you wonder why it took longer to add the “Sensual Purity” design language to the E-Class.  With the S-Class receiving this redesign in 2014 and the C-Class bringing it in for 2015 the E-Class will finally see this new design in 2017 to give us a new generation of the car that Mercedes-Benz owners love more than any other.

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2016 Acura TLX: Dynamic and Feared

The fear factor with this car only comes from the competition, which is perfect for you if you decide this car is the one you want for your driving.  Offered with two powertrains the choice of FWD or AWD and giving your more premium luxury features than the competition the TLX is a car that will be the right one to drive.  If you are looking for the car that gives you everything all in one package you don’t have to look much farther at all to find the smooth performance of a luxury car but the enthusiastic power of a sports car.

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Pointing the Right Direction

Stepping into a smaller version of an already popular SUV can be a somewhat underwhelming experience for most drivers. While sacrificing the size and fuel tank, too often manufacturers forget that people still require a comfortable ride. As many SUV purchases are sought in lieu of minivans for young parents, the ease with which one can install a car seat must be considered, and too often it’s seemingly forgotten. This is not the case, however, with the 2015 Jeep Compass.

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Honda is Showing Us that Minivans Aren’t Dead

2016 Honda Odyssey

In 2013 Honda showed up at the motor shows with a new concept for a minivan that was then called the Concept M.  This was expected to be a new van model that would be used for the Chinese market for 2014 but that year has come and gone and no van named or looking like the Concept M has made it to production as of yet.  As a dynamic (at least for the minivan world) model the Concept M seemed to be one that would be great for any market to enjoy.

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