Honda is Showing Us that Minivans Aren’t Dead

2016 Honda Odyssey

In 2013 Honda showed up at the motor shows with a new concept for a minivan that was then called the Concept M.  This was expected to be a new van model that would be used for the Chinese market for 2014 but that year has come and gone and no van named or looking like the Concept M has made it to production as of yet.  As a dynamic (at least for the minivan world) model the Concept M seemed to be one that would be great for any market to enjoy.

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Camaro for More Muscle Car Fun

2016 Black chevrolet Camaro

The new Camaro enters into a new generation and looks to impress us, but how?  If you look at the new Camaro you see a styling that is extremely similar to the outgoing model and you notice the new one has a bit of a shorter wheelbase, but for all intents and purposes the car looks the same as it did in 2015.  That doesn’t sound good for a new model of own of our favorite sports cars, but the Camaro team at Chevrolet stated the style of the car was not something that consumers asked to have changed, so they didn’t.

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When You Need a Fuel Efficient SUV

2016 Chevrolet Trax

Several years ago the SUV began to replace the minivan as the preferred family hauler to give us vehicles that would be perfect for the versatility a family throws at a vehicle.  Imagine your children growing up and needing to go to sporting events, scouting functions, outdoor events and indoor shows.  You might even be called upon to be a chaperone or to bring something to the event.  What you need to be able to do this is a vehicle with the versatility to handle every task, but also one that provides you with the fuel mileage you need; here are several that fit the bill in 2016 as your next family hauler.

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One Fast SUV

Blue Bentley Bentayga

Does speed matter in an SUV? It seems to for the Bentley team and the founder of Bentley, Ettore Bugatti himself once said the company had the world’s fastest truck.  Somehow those words were somewhat prophetic because his company has now built an SUV, the Bentayga which offers a top speed of 187 mph which is the highest for any SUV.  Of course Bentley would have the top speed on record for an SUV, it seems they wouldn’t have it any other way and want their customers to choose their Bentayga as the vehicle of choice when the weather turns foul.

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Where are We Going with the Hennessey Venom?

Hennessey Venom

The Hennessey Venom is a car that leaves so many behind.  With the gorgeous build and awesome power underneath the Venom is one of the greatest versions of a supercar you can find on any road in the world.  With the SEMA show only shortly behind us the new Venom that was brought to the show to give us a car that will wow us and create a considerable discussion for the next several months to give us a great new speedster.  If you love speed, this car is one that will capture your attention, but the goals of Hennessey may actually keep your interest even more.

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Touchscreen Woes

touch screen navigation

As technology advances in our vehicles some of us might feel the improvements of some items have gone too far.  In many vehicles the only way to t control a function such as the climate is through the use of a touchscreen in the center of the dashboard.  If you have ever inadvertently swiped the screen and the results were not desirable you know the frustration of this technology and may have even longed for the dials and knobs of old that at least gave you singular and completely understood results from your output.  While this may seem like a small problem, the reality is those of us who don’t trust the touchscreens in our vehicles often take our eyes off the road in order to adjust the function we desire.

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The New Generation of the Toyota Prius Shows Exceptional Improvements

2016 Red Toyota Prius

It’s hard to believe the Toyota Prius is already about to enter its fourth generation on the market.  It seems like only yesterday we witnessed the first ever Prius rolling down the road and watched in awe and wonderment at what this car was and what it would become.  Many might have thought the car would not catch on, but the Prius simply was the first of many hybrid cars that have now become a certainty and shown a use for the hybrid powertrain in almost every type of car or truck model you can think of.

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2016 Mercedes- Benz C-Class: Full of Awesome Luxury

2016 Mercedes- Benz C-Class

The C-Class is a car that has become larger and wider than most of its competition which includes the

BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4. While the proportions have grown the weight has dropped and the car

continues to be an amazing performance model that will give you one of the best drives with the perfect

menu of great Mercedes-Benz features to take full advantage of and enjoy. This is a car that up for

remodel for the 2017 model year but as the last year of this generation you can have an amazing car to

drive and one that you may love for many years.

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2016 Honda CR-V: The Cream at the Top of the Compact SUV Segment

2016 Honda CR-V at the Beach

When you look at all the vehicles on the road today the one segment that has grown faster than any other is the SUV segment.  More of us are buying these vehicles than ever before and who can blame us.  Many compact SUVs are now built to drive like cars but offer the versatility we want from a great SUV.  The favorite among them seems to be the Honda CR-V and it really shouldn’t come as any surprise.  While others may boast about their off road capabilities the CR-V continues to be the most comfortable and driver oriented ride on the market to be the right choice for more drivers than any other. Continue reading “2016 Honda CR-V: The Cream at the Top of the Compact SUV Segment”

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